Not only the children in primary school just love BTS…

Mai Hồng Nhung, 19-12-2017
KPOPLINE) – Breaking down the age boundaries, many people surprised because of the overwhelming number of BTS’s fans of suspicious age.

Fans of BTS is not only the students who are going to school, but also many older fans like this boygroup no  less than anyone!  With the unique music style, all member are handsome and friendly, BTS own a special attraction that no boring with anybody, including the elder. Fans of different ages,  especially middle-aged fans are from 30 to 40 years old that not any male group also can have.

In a recent episode of “ Newlywed Diary 2”, the popular news broadcaster Kim So Young has said that she is really a BTS’s “fanatic”. In one segment of the show, she was lying on the bed and flipping through each photo in the BTS photobook to see the members of BTS with the fun of a “fanatic”. Moreover, Oh Sang Jin- Kim So Young's husband has admitted that she  love BTS so much and he donated his wife a autographed album of BTS. Then, she is very happy.

On December 15th, the female broadcaster shared a screenshot from an online forum and posted it on Instagram of her. In this screenshot, a fan asked, "Jungkook is handsome, good at singing, good at dancing, good voice, good at sports too. I really love him but I am 23 years old, and a 23-year-old girl is a “fanatic” that is so embarrassing? "

The below the other person responded this question: "Do you think the age is important? Do you know that Kim So Young, Oh Sang Jin's wife? She's 30 years old, but she's still the fanatic of Jungkook and BTS. When she comes back home, she will watch Jungkook's video for about an hour and a half before going to sleep,  Oh Sang Jin is jealous ^^ The age does not matter when you like someone .. Jungkook has a lot of older female fans because he's charming even though he's still young, but female fans like to call him “oppa “ too.  There will not problem if you want to love Jungkook by in all seriousness !”

A funny  conversation of the BTS "elder" fans and they do not forger to talk about Kim So Young - the 32-year-old mother as a "proof"

Popular comedian Shin Young also “like” BTS. On the show "Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope," she gave a lot of praise to BTS for thier professionalism while performing, acting and expressing to love for  fans. She also attended the concluding concert of BTS World Tour in Seoul.

Many celebrates also like BTS, such as: Ha Ji Won, Park Seo Jun, Park Hyung Sik, Park Bo Gum, … as the real fanatic.

On the readings that written for BTS at Korean statistical websites, the number of readers aged 30 and over is always higher than other age groups. BTS not only has “noona” fans but also owns a "omma-fan" “corporation”.

 “ Im a 32 years old mother and is fanatic! ㅎㅎㅎ BTS seems to has many fans in all of age and gender~~~ BTS is the best!!

The uncle is 38 years old  just join in fando... Maybe I can end all the discussion , right? ㅋㅋ

I’m 30 years old, tooㅋㅋㅋ The first, I like J-hope then I love all of members in ㅠㅎ now, I find favour in the eyes of group

The ant is 37 years old and a fanatic of BTS… ^^ I realize Jimin is so attractive!...”

BTS reach out to the world and is the group has overcome the boundaries of age and gender, coming closer to the fans. The most natural actions of BTS and the unique naughty of the boys are make the “omma- fan” also have to love this lovely group.

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