Not only fans but also Dispatch has to give up when “digging into” these idols’ love life

KawaiiB, 22-07-2018
It can be said that from their debut to the present, these Korean stars have never ever got into a dating rumor!

Known as the site that always “dig into” artists Kbiz’s love life, however, when it comes to these stars "news hunting boss" Dispatch also has to give up on them! Simply because these male and female stars almost say no to love.

Kim Jong Kook

"The Competence Man" of Running Man - Jong Kook is considered by his colleagues as a very famous man in the art world and dozens of women want to date him. Haha once said that Jong Kook was an ideal boyfriend for many female idols/stars/fans, but they did not understand why he had not dated anyone yet! Currently, he is 42 years old and still single. 

Haha also straight away advised Jong Kook: "Please stop going to the gym on your birthday. Before that, Dispatch used to follow him but then they just gave up. There is nothing to follow – his schedule is the gym, the office, and the gym; all over again - after watching him for a few months, Dispatch didn’t get anything. "

Haha advised him to go out more instead of going to the gym.

Seohyun (SNSD)

Seohyun is famous for being Kpop's talented female idol. She is the type of girl that every guy desires: Gentle, smart, good at singing or behaving. After the show We Got Married with Jung Yong Hwa (CN Blue), both of them moved to a new relationship, but when the show ended, they got back to be colleagues! Seohyun is still "emotionless" to all the boys and says that she is not interested in dating anyone.

Although being the ideal girlfriend of many boys, but Seohyun is not interested in dating.

Daesung (Big Bang)

Even though the other four members of Big Bang has got into many dating rumors because of Dispatch, when it comes to Daesung, Dispatch suddenly quit on him because he seems to be not interested in love. The guy's “squeaky clean” love story even worries V.I.P, and many of them even wish that he would quickly find the love of his life.

Daesung makes the fans worry for him because he did not care much about women.

Heechul (Super Junior)

Cheerful, energetic, and incredibly confident are the things that would occur to fans when thinking of Heechul. However, few people know that he is actually “shy of girl”. When standing in front of the opposite sex, he suddenly becomes so shy and timid. As long as he hasn’t overcome this obstacle, fans predict that he has to continue to be “on the shelf”.

Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene is one of the most beautiful roses in Kpop today. However, already at the age of 27, Irene seems not so “passionate” in love. She shared that if she had free time, she would like to stay at home cooking, reading, and resting. She said she wasn’t ready for dating or falling in love, because she just wants to focus on her career now.

Taemin (SHINee)

So does Taemin. If he has free time, he will hang out with his best friends, Kai (EXO), Jimin (BTS), Kai (EXO) and Ha Sung Woon (Wanna One) to eat and chat or go to the studio. 

Taemin's time is mainly for music and his friends, so he has no time for dating?

These are some of Kbiz stars who seem to be not interested in love. It seems like the love that these artists give to fans is so big that they do not have the mind and time to think about dating?


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