Not only being fond of Gucci fashion brand, V (BTS) and Jennie (Black Pink) are also well-known for King/ Queen of fancams!

tphuong, 14-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Who knows the two famous visuals of Kpop have so many amazing things in common.

V (BTS) and Jennie (Black Pink) are well-known for their styles and called as King and Queen of Gucci (a famous high-end fashion brand). Both of them always occupy the spotlight every time they appear.

Even when they appear on stage or in daily life, V and Jennie know how to attract the attention with their glamor style from Gucci clothes.

In addition to their fashion styles, V and Jennie also have a special thing in common that owning fancams with "million views". 

Jennie(Black Pink)

From debut time until now, fancam of Jennie recorded by fans is really hot because it owns admirable million views. From the fancam "As If It's Your Last" to "BOOMBAYAH" are also recorded this remarkable achievement. "BOOMBAYAH" fancam became the 8th one in this list.

7 fancams have the record of Jennie

The 8th fancam set this admirable achievement

Fancam "As If It's your last" gets more than 1,6 million views

Another fancam of "BOOMBAYAH" by a fan named Z.A.M also gets more than 1,5 million views

Fancam of "So hot" also has over 1,8 million views

Another fancam of "As If It's your last" also reaches over the number 1,8 million views


V's fancam also shocked fans by the record number of views.  It is not only dominate the M2's fancam but fancam by fan is no less.

If M2 records the fancam of V in the song "DNA" reaches 9,2 million views, the fancam by fan in this song also achieves respectable number with 3,1 million views.

Fancam of V in the song "DNA" gets 3,1 million views

Fancam of "MIC DROP" also reaches over 1,1 million views

"Spring Day" – BTS V fancam focus gets more than 1,4 million views

Fancam "Rainism" V focus achieves 1,4 million views

Fancam "Blood Sweat and Tears" also marks with 1,2 million views

In addition to the fancams mentioned above, there are many fancams of V exceed the million views. And this is why he is called "King of fancam".



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