Not being noticed as much as other members when they debuted, these idols are now the most prominent one among their group

KawaiiB, 14-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - When they debut with their group, these idols received less interest from fans than the rest of the group.

Every time a Kpop group comes out, there will be the prominent and the less popular one. However, after a period, when their charms have the ability to shine and they become the one who attracts more fans for the group.

Xiumin (EXO)

When EXO debuted, Xiumin was in EXO-M with a focus on the Chinese market and was less noticed than other EXO-K members. But now, with his handsomeness and unique voice, he can give anyone who passes by a long-lasting impression.

Umji (G-friend)

During the first period, referring to Umji, a member of G-friend, people often think of the title “the ugliest idol in history'. Fortunately, Umji did not give up, she proves that she is as beautiful and talented as any of her colleagues.

Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

When it was announced that he would become a member of Super Junior, Kyuhyun even received so many hatreds from fans. But now, everyone has to recognize that he is an important and irreplaceable piece of Suju.

Joy (Red Velvet)

Just like Umji, when Joy debuted, she was pretty chubby so not many people liked it. In addition, Irene’s beauty had captured most of the spotlight. But now, after losing weight, Joy has made the world astonished every time she appeared on stage.

Seungri (Big Bang)

In the past, compared to the other members of Big Bang, Seungri was absolutely foreshadowed. Many anti-fans said that Seungri was useless. But you know what, this guy has shone in so many TV shows, as well as the business field.

Jihyo (TWICE)

Due to unfavored appearance since "SIXTEEN", Jihyo had the least fans among the group. Gradually, thanks to the improvement of appearance, Jihyo is becoming more and more prominent in the public eye.

Jin (BTS)

When BTS debuted, many felt that Jin is an introvert member, often stayed in the back to support members in the group. Until his visual caught the attention in an awards ceremony, Jin becomes a familiar face that almost every K-pop fan would recognize.


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