Nonfans confessed there's a member in BTS who makes people extremely confused about his real personality!

NA, 11-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Everyone gets 'tricked' by the image and visual of this BTS's member!

Cold and hard to approach is the first impression when people meet V (BTS) for the first time. Besides, he also possesses a slim figure and and outstanding visual (netizen calls him CGV because of his breathtaking appearance), all of these factor makes people keep away from him.

However, it's just concept! If you learn more about V through behind the scene videos, you will even shock to recognize the real personality of him, which is contrary to his image. A newbie fan can't hold her feeling when writing down her words about this difference:

"I was just ARMY for a week, and the member that surprises me the most is V

He seems to be much more innocent than his image ....?

What is most surprising to me is the fact that V's skinship with the members is so natural"

V is not expressive when Jimin lean on him

V didn't forget to adore Jimin

"Koala" V on Jungkook's back at the airport

V embracing Jungkook like a scene on a TV Drama

The way he shows his feelings to the other members is so unique

An interview or broadcasting can't stop him 

He always touches the members and looks at them like they are the most lovely people in the world. This seems to be familiar with Jungkook that he doesn't bother to react to that  ㅋㅋ

He shares his food with Jungkook

He always adore maknae Jungkook because he's cute

His habbit is touching Jungkook's ears

V take care of BTS's members and they also take care of him very well

V had a big fight with Jin. He was sad so he could not hold his tears

Jin said that even though he was the eldest, he never tried to impose anybody, because he thought that pride was the most useless thing in the world. Taehyungie said that if he did something wrong then everyone should tell him and he would try to fix it. Bangtan boys are the 7 people who we can learn from, and their conversation is very honest ...

The article that shares a different side of V's personality has received a lot of sympathy and support from the netizens as well as other idols' fans.

- "Is it because he grew up in the suburbs so he was like that? He made me think of a pure rural boy!"

- "He really does not have any power ㅋㅋ"

"He saw the result (in the script) and then ended up pretending like he knew nothing ㅋㅋ"

- "Hahaha"

"If you were Bangtan's fangirl, what would surprise you the most is the difference between the image and real character of V"



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