No matter how weird the outfits are, these Kpop idols are fully capable of making them more eye-catching and fashionable

NA, 08-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Even the weirdest clothes look beautiful when these Kpop idols wear them!


These kpop idols always impress the public by their eye-catching look. In addition to that, they always catch up with fashion trend and it has helped them gradually become the new fashion icon of the Korean entertainment industry. There are some kind of clothes that normal people never think of wearing them, but with a perfect proportion body shape and professional model vibe, these Korean idols below are totally capable of making those weird clothes look more eye-catching.

1. BLACKPINK's Jennie

Jennie is one of the most popular female  idols in Kpop and Jennie's fashion sense is one of the reasons she's so popular. With the advantage of slim form and beautiful proportion body shape, BLACKPINK's pretty member is completely confident in wearing even the weirdest outfits.

If you don't have a beautiful form and aura like her, don't ever think about wearing this aztec and fringe skirt... 

 ... or this floral skirt. This kind of skirt is not for everyone and if you don't know how to mix with another item in a right way, your outfits are going to ruin the fashion

 It's ultra violet ruffle top and it even looks really goog on Jennie

2. (G)I-DLE's Soojin

(G)I-DLE is a rookie female group who has just made the first debut in April, 2018. However, what they have achieved so far is really remarkable. In addition to that, people also pay their attention on the group's fashion style and they also discovered a new face of future model, it's Soojin.

Throughout the group's stages, fans can easily recognize the cool and seductive aura of Soojin. Besides, due to her slim and tall body shape, it seems that the group's stylists is intending to challenge their mix and match skill and giving Soojin their faith that she can wear any type of outfits.

This green sheer top is definitely not the choice of many people

Another confused outfits which is a combination of sheer puff sleeve shirt and black short pants mixed with lace glove and leather thigh high boots. Are you confident enough to slay this outfits like the way Soojin did?

3. BTS's j-hope

Recently, the sense of fashion of BTS's rapper j-hope has improved a lot and fans realize that he is taking care of his appearance very well. All the items j-hope used lately are the most fashionable items which keep up with fashion trend. These items were also used by a lot of famous fashionistas around the world.

Popular fashion trends are used by j-hope in this photo (sweatpants tucked into socks, Puma select leadcat sandal) and if you're confident, you totally can slay this kind of fashion!

Did this outfit surprise you? If the one who wear these weird clothes is not j-hope then fans doubt that whether anyone find it ... eye-catching and fashionable?

To be honest, it's j-hope who save this outfit

j-hope is one of the most fashionable members of BTS and he's proving that his taste of fashion is so outstanding and partly ...beyond our mind. However, these brands should have sent their thanks message to j-hope because he looks so cool with their items

4. WINNER's Seunghoon

Seunghoon is the male idol who has the most eye-catching and trendy fashion in the industry to this day. His outstanding height and perfect proportion body shape help him to wear any type of clothes, even the most cofusing and weirdest items.

Seunghoon possesses an outstanding height what help him fit any kind of clothes, not to mention his impressive mix&match ability

Seunghoon has proven that it's very a bird which made its feather look fine

If you're an amateur at mix&match, don't use these kind of pink or plaid items or your appearance is so careless and casual

5. NCT's Taeyong

SM idols always take care of their looks very well no matter where they are. On the way to airport, performing or even when they just film personal videos, SM Entertainment's artists must dress themselves well and hair must be styled. According to that, NCT's leader Taeyong is not an exception.

People still know the stage outfit must go along with the song's concept and visual impression. However, NCT's stage outfits of the old title tracks are so ...hard to describe in words. Even weirdest outfits can't hide his charisma

If fans catch any kind of weird fashion on the Internet, they probably hide it from NCT's stylist immediately

Sweatpants, sneakers and ...seatbelt? This mix&match is so hard to follow. But this is Taeyong, and he can make this style look more eye-catching no matter what

6. SHINee's Key

Key has long been known as an idol that has outstanding sense of style and eye-catching look. He keep up with fashion trends very quickly and Key is also a familiar guess at fashion shows. Although Key doesn't possess an impressive height, it's his model appearance that make him look so fashionable and trendy.

Key is a familiar guess at fashion show both in Korea and oversea

His appearance at fashion show is always interesting and impressive. Most of these items are not for normal people. Don't try!

Key's new image for "Good Evening"

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