No matter how time passed, we will never forget these 'funny' hairstyles of K-pop idols

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 09-01-2018
Looking at these photos again, you will definitely wonder about the reasons you liked your biases in the first place.

There are many artists who receive attention thanks to their vocal teacher, dancer or record producer, and especially the hairstylist. But above all, no matter how beautiful you are, when your hair receives the "special treatment" of your hairstylist, your beauty will suffer the same fate as your hair. And the following idols are the best evidence.

1. Super Junior

Surely, fans of Super Junior can not forget the impressive hairstyles of 12 boys have been created passionately with the "space hero" concept in the early 21st century.

No one dare to copy the hairstyle of Heechul.

2. DBSK and JYJ

With the same management company SM Entertainment, the hair stylist of DBSK is similar to Super Junior. So they created the hairstyle that "no one dare to copy" for the five gods from the East.

The shining beauty of the five gods is "carefully hid" with the long and silky hair.

We also can not forget the "shock electric Pikachu" hairstyle of the youngest boy of DBSK.

Do you realize this is the top visual of Kpop - Kim Jae Joong?

Micky Yoo Chun's hairstyle in "Mirotic" can not be ignored.

After Yoo Chun's hairstyle in "Miroctic", Junsu's hairstyle in "Tarantallegra" is not inferior.

3. Big Bang

With a completely different style of music, Big Bang's hair stylists really grubs on creating the most unique hairstyles for each member.

The formula to lower the visual of T.O.P = eyeglasses + the weird hairstyle.

Taeyang must be less than G Dragon in his unique hairstyle.

G-Dragon owns many hairstyles unlike anyone of the second-generation Kpop idols.

 4. Baek Hyun (EXO)

This can be considered one of the 'weirdest' hairstyles of Baekhyun.

5. Key (SHINee)

Another "victims" of hair stylist from SM Town is SHINee Key.

6. Narsha (Brown Eyed Girls)

 It seems Narsha likes to cut this hairstyle.

7. Niel (Teen Top)

The hairstyle of Niel is an upgrade version of Narsha.

8. 2NE1

Regarding to the unique things, it recalls us for 4 beautiful girls of 2NE1.

9. Vernon (Seventeen)

Despite the beauty compared to Leonardo Dicarprio, Vernon could not save his 50:50 hairstyle.

10. Bobby (iKON)

No one is better to end the list than iKON with the hair style can not be named.


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