No matter how fashion is growing, Suga (BTS) still proves loyal to this basic item since debut

NA, 03-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Plaid shirt is nothing new. And Suga adores this item more than anything.

BTS's sense of fashion is growing and to this day, they've proved that the group not only impresses people with music, but also their fashionable style. Each member has a different type of fashion and fans who are very eagle-eyed point out Suga's indispensable item. He has proved loyal to plaid shirt since his debut era and his simple but attractive daily style with plaid shirt received a lot of praise because it's very convenient and pratical.

It seems like Suga's favorite item is plaid shirt. Since his debut era, fans must be familiar with this basic item and they also agree that Suga looks best in plaid shirt. He mixes plaid shirt with different kind of item but fans and even non-fans realize Suga always wears it layered look with T-shirt.

Long plaid shirt mixed with black T-shirt is Suga's familiar formula for airport fashion 

Black and white T-shirt must be the best item to mix with plaid shirt. No matter what kind of T-shirt with was mixed with plaid shirt, Suga still looks good and shows his charm as “attractive guy”. You totally see an authentic "boyfirend" look from him when he wears plaid shirt and T-shirt.

There's no doubt, if you gift Suga plaid shirts, he is going to show his huge flavor and wear them very frequently

NA/Source: chicnews

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