Niel of Teen Top to get big screen debut in ‘Swag’

Hoàng Anh Phương, 01-06-2018
Niel of boy band Teen Top will get his first leading role in the upcoming film “Swag,” marking the big screen debut for the K-pop star.

The music-themed film will feature the singer as a rich youngster, who matures through music. Filming started on May 14, and was shot in Korea and in Los Angeles.

“I feel some pressure as I’m starring in my first movie, but I feel a connection (to the role) as he, too, is a singer. I want to depict him growing as a true artist,” he said.

The film’s director Im Seong-gwan -- whose most noted works are music videos of K-pop stars -- has worked with Teen Top, Taeyeon, BTOB and Block B.

While this is Niel’s first movie role, it is not his first time acting. He starred in last year’s musical “Altar Boyz.” 

Teen Top is currently preparing for a concert in Seoul in July.

Source: Korea Herald

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