Netizens debate on 12 years age gap of upcoming drama couple: Yoon Kyunsang and Kim Yoojung

Hoàng Anh Phương, 08-06-2018
Not few fans find 12 years age gap inconvenient. 

Actor Yoon Kyunsang and actress Kim Yoojung have been confirmed as the leads for 'Clean with Passion for Now.' While Kim Yoojung will play the character of Gil Ohsol, Yoon Kyunsang has replaced Ahn Hyoseob and been cast as Jang Sunkyul. Even though most of the fans are excited about the drama, not few Netizens throw critics, spotting the two's big age gap. 

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Kim Yoojung was born in 1999 while Yoon Kyunsang was born in 1987. It's not the first time for Korean drama to have couples with huge age gaps. Previously, we have Gong Yoo and Kim Goeun from 'Goblin' (12 years age gap), Lee Sunkyun and IU (18 years age gap), and more.  

'Clean with Passion for Now' is based on a popular webtoon, which tells a story of a wealthy man named Jang Sunkyul. Jang Sunkyul is all perfect, even with his good looks. Unfortunately, he suffers from severe mysophobia -- a pathological fear of contamination and germsillness. He then meets a carefree and messy girl named Gil Ohsol, the two fall in love.

What do you think about this, people?

Source: KStarLive


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