Netizens are furious at actor Lee Seowon's sexual harassment scandal and he's still active in the industry afterwards

Nhi Bui, 17-05-2018
The actor has made headlines for being charged with sexually harassing and threatening female celebrity.

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A shocking news comes from rising actor Lee Seowon. On May 16th, media outlets reported that the Seoul Gwangjin Police stated that they had charged Lee Seowon on April 8th and investigated him, before sending his case to the prosecution with a recommendation of an indictment.

Following the news, his agency, Blossom Entertainment, revealed, "It happened while he was drinking with acquaintances. We have no excuse or explanation to give. We bow our heads in apology to everyone. Actor Lee Seowon also acknowledges his actions and is deeply reflecting on the careless and wrong way he acted towards the other party and caused worry to so many. Once again, we deeply and sincerely apologize to everyone. He will faithfully follow through with the investigation."

Lee Seowon is an actor that has appeared in dramas including 'Uncontrollably Fond,' 'Hospital Ship,' 'The Liar and His Lover,' and more. He is also currently an MC of KBS' 'Music Bank.'

However, after reports, Netizens have started to blame him for his action. Many also highlight the fact that the actor seems not to regret his wrongdoing -- not only after it has been revealed to the public.

According to the Seoul Gwangjin Police, the actor was investigated on April 8th. However, Netizens have now realized that Lee Seowon himself has innocently continued his schedule as a host of 'Music Bank.' Not only that, he has been also active on his personal Instagram, uploading photos to the account.

On the other hand, Lee Seowon was supposedly to take part in upcoming tvN drama 'About Time,' which features Lee Sungkyung and Lee Sangyoon as the lead characters. A representative from the drama said, "The production crew will do our best in the future so that the drama production will be carried out amicably and we can provide viewers with a good drama."

Source: Kstarlive


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