Netizen voted visual representation of the male trainee of Big3 (SM, YG, JYP)

Hồng Nhung, 22-12-2017
(KPOPLINE) – Recnetly, the audience of the show and K-pop’s fans have chosen the beauty representation trainee of the 3 big trainees SM – JYP- YG.

1. SM Entertainment - who was expected to debut with NCT

Name: Park Jungwoo

Birthday: 19/02/1998

Nation: Korea.

With the sharp face and easy to impress for everybody, Jungwoo owns SM Entertainment's trademark visuals.

Even if the mask cover a half face, the beauty of the guy still shine and attract the attention.

Jungwoo has a hug fan and be keep an eye on by them even though he isn’t officially debuted.

A lot of people are looking forward to one day that the boy was born in 1998 of SM Entertainment will debut.

2.YG Entertainment - Trainees appear on the show

When appearing on "Stray Kids" and "Mix Nine" show, some of YG trainees have "caught the eye" of the fans who watched the show.

Bang Ye Dam leave a deep impression with the audience with the young appearance, look attraction and a good vocal on the show.

Name: Bang Ye Dam

Birthday: 07/05/2002

Nation: Korea

Runner  up of Kpop Star Season 2

Name: Choi Rae Sung

Birthday: 2000

Nation: Hàn Quốc

Name: Kim Joon Kyu

Birthday: 2000

Role in group: Vocal - Dancer

Name: Lee Byung Gon

Birthday: 1999

Role in group: Rapper - Dancer


Name: Choi Hyun Seok

Birthday: 1999

Role in group: Rapper – Dancer


3.JYP Entertainment - Trainee on "Stray Kids"

The male trainee on “ Stray Kids” inherited more attention from the audience because they had a MV before the take part in the “Stray Kids” show. Through this show, everybody can realize the talent and ultimate visual of the members in the group . Some of name are highlight:

Name: Hwang Hyun Jin

Birthday: 2000

Role in group: Sub Vocal

Name: Felix

Birthday: 2000

Nation: Úc

Role in group: Rapper

Name: Bang Chan

Birthday: 1997

Nation: Úc

Role in group: Leader - Vocal – Dancer.

In the Enter-talk- a forum for fans to vote for the company have the trainee own looks you love. Result: # the first is JYP with 44.95%, # the second is SM with 42.5%, # the third is YG with 5.233%, # the fourth : the rest of the other trainee - "I do not know yet."

Then, netizen commented, "I do not like SM, but in my  opinion:SM’s visuals are the best in the big3", "I think Hyunjin will break the visual idol of the male idol. He is very handsome”. “Expectations, SM's visuals always at the peak "...

And how do you feel about visual trainees coming from 3 big trainee?


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