Most favourite hairstyles K-drama actresses have promoted in 2017

Linh Luong, 18-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) - 2017 must be the year of tough and clever female characters, and this hairstyle does helps our girls show their unique charms.

Korean dramas attract a large audience not only for their good scripts, but also the amazing casts, especially the actresses. There're not several times our 'femme fatale' women have successfully promoted many types of costumes or hairstyles. Let's list out the most popular hairstyles that are often caught on 2017 best K-dramas.

Layered haircut

To begin with, the layer hair is the most basic hairstyle for women. Both Suzy in "While You Were Sleeping" and Jung So Min in "Because This is My First Life" are in love with this hairstyle, going well with the see-through bang, but the difference in hair length creates a completely opposite effect.

(In "While You Were Sleeping", this hairstyle helps Suzy create a tomboy taste. We all agree that she looks perfectly fit to Nam Hong Joo's bright characteristics in short hair. It reminds us of her from the past, when she hid her true identity and changed the whole destiny when she met Jung Jae Chan.)

(Compared to Suzy, with the same layered hair, but Jung So Min looks absolutely gentle and feminine. This hairstyle perfectly draw the pure image of her when she looks at her husband and find out she's truly in love with him, for the first time in her life.)

Shoulder- length with Slightly Curled Tail

It seems like this hairstyle never gets old-fashioned. You don't have to spend so much time on caring for it. This is the best choice for those "lazy" girls who want to have a fresh and elegant look without making so much effort.

("Witch's Court" is one of the many films that Jung Ryeo Won takes on as the "super woman". She rocks the shoulder-length haitstyle as a prosecutor with seven years of experience. No-bang is a great choice, which is suitable for an office lady who needs a professional style)

(Meanwhile, Seo Hyun Jin of "Temperature of Love" looks so young and lively with this hairstyle. Thanks to the lightly curled bangs, she totally transforms into a charismatic girl, and is able to catch the hearts of both a young chef and a wealthy CEO)

Bob hair

Obviously, no one can forget about this hairstyle because it must be the most popular choice that we often see throughout 2017. Actually, not so many girls are brave enough to challenge with this style. Therefore, the ones who choose to cut bob hair must own an unique characteristic and a different attitude in life, in order to match her bold look.

(Although Drama "Man Who Set the Table" has 50 episodes, people still can't get over the glamorous beauty that Soo Young bares in it. Bob hair with see-through bangs makes her look so much younger.)

("20th Century Boy and Girl" wasn't  as successful as expected, but Han Ye Seul never diaappoints fans with her beauty. The bob hair gives her a more matured look, which also suits her character in the drama.)




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