Mijoo (Lovelyz)'s biggest dream is to become a super model not an idol?

KawaiiB, 17-05-2018
Recently, online communities have enjoyed and shared the funny moments of Mijoo - a Lovelyz’s member.

Few people think that a feminine group like Lovelyz would have such an upbeat member, who is not afraid to make fun of herself for the fans.


In rehearsals, especially Music Bank, Mijoo drove fans crazy when she performed on-point catwalk and posed as a model.

She shared that there are many fans and media who are interested in her catwalk and asked her to do this.

Stand out of the group with standard supermodel poses

And, of course, Mijoo is not afraid to show her catwalk skills and craziness. Every time she does this, fans can help to cheer for her.

She can be an advertising model too.

"Her poses and catwalk make even professional models embarrassed"

"I came here because of you... lol"

"I do not know about this group, but I'm very impressed with the girl who went out last haha"

"The securities at the television station must be freaked the hell out"

"First time I saw this, I said" You are drunk, go home ",

Next time I see her, I said "Wow she's so cool" haha.

To satisfy fans, Mijoo is ready to give them unique catwalk

And how do you feel about Mijoo’s one of a kind performance?

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