Micro is a singer's best friend, until it is mistaken with other things like water bottles, or even food!

SGshinbu, 12-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Idols are ashamed and fans have opportunity to laugh when watching this scene!

Microphone is probably an popular and important item to idols. Although they often need to use microphone, these idols below are still confused and it makes fans laugh out loud because of their abstraction like this:


Who says that "Gods of the East" don't make mistake? While Changmin is chatting with fans, he innocently holds a bottle of water to his mouth .. and use it as a microphone. He is not ashamed but even acts again for Yunho to see.


Sexy and cool image of Siyeon flew away because she holds microphone ... upside down. Thank God she's fixed her mistake right away


Main vocalist of Infinite - Woohyun has to hide his face behind others members because he is so ashamed about  incident that he caused. At the end of performance, Woohyun's microphone isn't turned off and he talks with other members, making his voice echo throughout stage!


Until now, EXO-Ls sometimes take this gif to "tease" Chen! During a concert, perhaps he is so tired after a strong performance, he can't distinguish between the water bottle and microphone.


Micro and lightstick have quite the same shape, so it is easy to understand why Yein get confused, right?


Jin innocently raises lighstick  to sing. Fortunately, ARMY Bomb is much bigger than microphone, so Jin can realize his mistake!

Don't just tease the oldest brother"Jin" , the youngest brother Jungkook also neglects to distinguish the trophy and microphone like this. However, "lovely person will be forgiven," with Jungkook's lovely reaction like this, no one wants to tease him any more.

Super Junior

The most funny part of this kind of incidents is Donghae (Super Junior). Donghae isn't so lucky like his brothers, he actually "drinks" his microphone under bewildering look of Eunhyuk.

This video records Donghae's mistake.

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