Many times idols grant their fans' wishes at fansigns, who doesn't even want to touch those cute dimples?!

SGshinbu, 13-06-2018
These Kpop idols impress fans with not only famous for their talents, appearances but also for their best fan services.

K-pop stars, who have the largest number of fans, are the ones who often have good interactions with fans.

At the top of the list is G-Dragon. He is willing to come closer to communicate with his fans. 

This might be the most unforgettable moment for any fans, who had opportunity to touch his face. 

G-Dragon still looked so happy even though many fans were trying to touch him. 

J-Hope (BTS) looked so cute when he let a fan touch his dimpled cheek

Jonghyun (SHINee) let a fan correcting his hair

L looked like a boy next door in this photo with his friendly personality and lovely smile.

He showed his sweetness by touching a fan's hair and talking to her. 

Tae Il is so warm when he let fan touched his hair side.

And his glasses too.

Taeil's brother, P.O even let a fan touch his eyebrows

With this gif, fans remembered a warm-hearted boy Nam Taehyun. 

He always treasured all fans' gifts

 He still felt happy when a fan touched his unique eyebrowns

V (BTS) teased a fans like his younger sister

Like J-Hope, V's dimpled cheek always got attention from fans

He did what a fan told him to do.

He always communicates with fans like close friends. 

His smile when hearing fans' stories

Just looking into his eyes, fans can see his sincerity

Even a cool guy like Block B's rapper Zico also let fans touch his face 

It was so good to hold Zico's hands in a cold winter night


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