Many K-pop idols "shed tears" due to this "dangerous thing" but their bandmates burst into laughter!

Vũ Thảo Phương, 12-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - A lot of incidents with the ball happened, which caused Korean stars pain and laugh.

The variety shows often bring laughter to idols and viewers, but there are many unpleasant accidents happening suddenly, which cause idols under pain but also to laugh in tears . And the thing that brings the pain is an object that seems completely not dangerous. Here are the funny moments of idols when playing with "harmless" ball.

Our winkboy played soccer.

His pain made members laugh out.

 Ôi cảm giác này còn hơn cả ăn mỳ cay.
Oh this feeling... !

Kwang Soo was really unlucky.

It's not that easy Sungjong ahh~

 Một niềm đau khó nói hết bằng lời.
The pain is hard to say in word.

Baekhyun played billard by his head.

More and more incidents of idols with the ball here: 

Thao Phuong - source:youtube

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