Male idols who make fans enchanted with their drinking habits!

LinhLuong, 10-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Not only do these male idols make fans heart-melted by their masculine look, but even their small actions like drinking water can "kill" fans really hard!

Have you ever wondered that how your idols look like when they drink? Will they look sexy, gorgeous, or funny?

Let's take a look at their moments making fans crazy.

1. Sehun - EXO

EXO - Sehun always show his charm. Whatever his action also makes fans rumbled crazily. Especially his drinking moments with many versions make fans infatuate.

Sehun is so cute when drinking tea.

He can drink 2 cups of tea. Let's make the most of this drink!

He is cute but when drinking water he is also sexy

Are you excited?

Please I want to try!

2. Kang Daniel - Wanna One

Thanks to the charismas on stage and the cute personality in life, Kang Daniel has attracted a lot of fans. And his drinking moments always make fans fall in love with him.

When drinking beer, he looks very cool.

Even when he drinks alcohol

3. Jackson - GOT7

He is so funny in front of the fans but GOT7's Jackson makes fans ''lose blood'' no less than other male idols with series of drinking moments.

He's in the habit of drinking when going out

Sometimes he forgets that he cannot drink tea if he wears the face mask like this!

But he is extremely sexy with the noble way of drinking

4. Wonho - Monsta X

Monsta X's Wonho owns a seductive body and sexy fashion style, making fans fall deeply in love with him, but what makes fans more excited is the lovely moments with his drinking habits

Wonho's innocent face when drinking milk tea along with his fashion style like this, causing fans to go crazy

Drinking water also makes fans ''lose blood''

Sometimes, he is so cute with his naive face

With his innocent expression...

5. V - BTS

With Coca-Cola, he doesn't hesitate to drink

V can't leave the water bottle

In addition to this playful moments of V

Actually he is also sexy and very attractive.

6. JungKook - BTS

Just like V, BTS's maknae is also extremely lovely with his drinking moments.

"Noona, wait a minute, let me drink some water!"

Now do you know the best way to drink water?

I have been seen anyone as lovable as him!



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