Male idols who 'conquer' fans' hearts even when covering their beautiful faces with masks

Mai Nhung, 13-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Owning the perfect appearance and sweet voice , these Kpop male idols causing "chaos" at the studio of “King of Masked Singer” when they remoe their mask.

MBC's King of Masked Singer is one of the programs that received so much attention from the audiences. On that stage, we can enjoy the most splendid performances of hidden singers with a fanciful mask on their faces, and the board needs to guess on who they are. And here are Kpop handsome male idols that make audiences and fans  shocked when removing the mask.

1. L (Infinite)

Appearing on show King of Masked Singer, the first time L (Infinite) has confirmed his solo singing ability and has the potential to become a great solo singer. Although he stopped in the first round, he made audience and judges "astonished" when removing his mask, not only because of the handsome appearance, but also because of the sweet voice he owns.

The audience attending the show was so surprised with his appearance

2. Hwang Min Hyun (Wanna One)

Ranked second place, we have Hwang Min Hyun with manly appearance, the sweet voice of this guy also made audience and fans cheer enthusiastically when removing the mask.

 Hwang Min Hyun's flawless beauty when removing the mask

 Kang Daniel (Wanna One) also screamed out to cheer up his brother

While fans didn't stop screaming out of surprises

3. Yook Sung Jae (BTOB)

The moment Yook Sung Jae took off the mask , the audience burst into tears as they couldn't believe that sweet voice belong to the handsome maknae of  BTOB.

Yook Sung Jae's shining face in King of Masked Singer

4. Ken (VIXX)

Ken of  boygroup VIXX is the male God who make the auditorium full of cheers and applauses when removing the mask.


Not only being the main vocal but he also makes the audience excited with a beautiful visual.

5. Jung Kook (BTS)
Finally, BTS maknae - JungKook with impressive appearance and admirable vocals. The whole auditorium seemed to explode at the moment he took off his mask.

Not only the judges stand up to see the appearance of the guy

But fans are also very surprised and touched.

The singer confessed that he joined the show because he wanted to break the public's opinion that BTS can only rap. What a proud maknae! 


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