Male idols make fangirls jealous of their perfect waist

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 27-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) - It is so rare that male idols can make many girls jealous. However, it isn't hair, skin or perfect body.

KPOP fangirls have a lot of afflictions such as they don't have money to buy albums or have opportunity to go to concert or fansign but it is even much harder when you are jealous of your idols' appearance. Not because of white skin or long legs, but the perfect waist of three male idols.

Daehwi (Wanna One)

Wanna One's fans feel really worried when their idols are getting thinner because of busy schedules. However, everyone must be shocked with Daehwi's small waist.

Daehwi is a member who owns the smallest and most "modest" body of Wanna One.

Especially when he puts shirt into pants, Daehwi's tiny waist is revealed clearly.

The difference between waist of Daehwi and his brother Bae Jinyoung make fans startled.

And do you know measurement of Daehwi's waist? 17 inches! (about 43.18 cm)! Previously, Mina (AOA) used to be the idol who owns the smallest waist of 17 inch!

Knowing that Daehwi is very skinny, but Wanna One members are still shocked to know the size of his waist. Daehwi officially becomes the idol with the smallest waist of KPOP!

Sehun (EXO)

Sehun possesses a lot of things that makes people jealous. However, one of the things that fans admire and "long" for is probably Sehun's perfect waist.

White skin, slim waist and long legs, Sehun can meet all standards of appearance, not only male idols but also female idols.

Every time Sehun jumps too high, fans have opportunity to see his sexy waist.

Sehun's perfect waist, even in front view...

... or on the side, he still looks really good.

If you just look at photos like this, who would think this is the body of a 25 year old boy?

Jimin (BTS)

Another boy that makes fangirls jealous is Jimin. According to J-hope, Jimin is the second muscular member in BTS (after Jungkook) and he also owns really small waist.

If Jimin's thighs are voted by Dispatch as the best thighs in KPOP, then perhaps his waist is also the dream of so many women!

This slim waist has made Jimin's jeans look so sexy and seductive.

Jimin's fansite always catch these moments on stage and created many masterpieces.

With Jimin's strong dance moves  in "No More Dream", ARMY can watch them thousands times and they would still feel not enough because of his six pack body and attractive waist.

Jimin knows how to make his fangirls jealous and admire his tiny waist so much!

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