Lovelyz under fire for holding an impromptu fan meeting with sasaengs

Hoang Anh Phuong, 15-06-2018
Lovelyz is under fire for their interaction with sasaeng fans.

 On June 12, the members of Lovelyz went live on Naver V app in celebration of Jin's birthday. Near the end of the live airing, Jiae revealed there are many fans waiting outside of the building. Jin reacted surprised since it was already nearing midnight. She then asked the fellow members to go outside with her and take pictures. Baby Soul commented, "We should all go say hi." The V live came to an end shortly after.  

The girls did go outside and spent time with the fans as they stated in the V live. Photos of the members receiving presents and having an impromptu fan meeting surfaced online. According to fans, the Lovelyz members talked with the fans for nearly 15 minutes and even sang for them. 

Seems innocent enough but many fans have turned furious as the people who were waiting outside at such late hours are most likely sasaeng fans. As a result, Lovelyz' fan club is demanding official feedback from Woollim Entertainment and criticized how the managers didn't do anything about the girls meeting with sasaengs. The fans also demanded the agency to take stricter care of their artists. 

Read the letter in full below:

We Demand Feedback From Woollim Entertainment

This past June 12 2018, fans of Lovelyz camped out and waited at a coffee shop that was closed in front of the company office with no plan, acting just like sasaeng fans.

In addition, after the V Live stream celebrating Jin’s birthday ended, the members of Lovelyz went to the closed coffee shop and took pictures and talked with the sasaeng fans. The manager in attendance went with Lovelyz, sang with the fans, and did nothing to deter the situation.

Waiting for hours in front of a coffee shop for a celebrity, despite being closed is clearly the actions of a sasaeng fan.

For an entertainment company to do nothing against the actions of a sasaeng fan, and for idols to have no awareness of sasaeng fans and to approach them first, this is a serious problem.

If this is to happen again, Lovelyz’ fandom has demands.

One. Woollim Entertainment will take strong and aggressive action against sasaeng fans.

One. Woollim Entertainment will properly educate their artists, Lovelyz, about sasaeng fans.

One. Fandom Lovelinus and idol Lovelyz should be aware of a respectful distance from each other, and shold be careful not to let the same thing happen again in the future.

Lovelyz fan in union, all Lovelinus

Netizens also reacted shocked, commenting, "Seriously???? Allowing them to interact with sasaengs is crazy! Wtf", "If this is true then this is really crazy. So f*cked up", "Wtf is this omg lol", "This is insane. Sasaengs should never be given a prize like this."

Source: All Kpop + Koreaboo

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