Looking at NU'EST W then you'll realize: Swag and cool images are all wasted because of this animal!

NA, 09-06-2018
Fans are getting very excited because of NU'EST W when they take a new photoshoot in Thailand

In the latest episode of the reality show L.O.Λ. E RECORD B-Side of NU'EST W, the boys had an exciting trip in Thailand. The four members learned the traditional dance and shape animals by coconut leaves.

NU'EST W leanring Thailand traditional dance

They focus on the lession 

But the most impressive moment is when the group take a photoshoot with a big python. Although they're very scared, but they have to suffer the fear to complete the photoshoot.

At the biginning of the video, fans all laugh when they see Ren stare at the python with un unforgiving eyelook.

Hey python, you and me don't mean to be. Let's break up!

However, just a few seconds later, he get back to his professional model mode

The next member taking the photoshoot with this special guest is JR. He put the python on his head but close the eyes tightly. Strong man Baekho keep screaming and seeking for help that make people laugh to tears. The best guy is still Aron. Despite of the fear, he still complete the photoshoot.

Sit still, al lright?

When your brothers lauging at your fear

Baekho seems look like a strong man. However, he doesn't!

Handsome look ready for the photoshoot

Family photo with python


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