Look at the way idols receive food trucks, we believe they have such great friendships among the showbiz, just like us!

The Hien Luong, 28-04-2018
(KPOPLINE) - With only this small action that their friendships have grown a lot.

Not only receiving food from fans, these K-pop idols also get the food trucks from their beloved friends as the support.

And here are the idols that were given food by close friends:

1. f(x) Krystal 

Actress Park Shin Hye had sent her a coffee truck on the set of “Bride of the Water God” with the banner that reads, “We’ve done nothing wrong except to look too pretty. Please look after our pretty Soo Jung. Love from Shin Hye.”

After getting this truck, Krystal immediately poseted a photo on her personal Instagram of this coffee truck

Not only that, her close sister - Jessica also sent her a food truck on the set of her drama "Bride of the Water God".

 2. IU

IU revealed that she received a food and coffee truck from Lee Jun Ki and Yoo In Na on the set of her drama "My Mister" which made her extemely excited and happy.

3. Super Junior Heechul

Being known as the guy who has many relationships, Heechul is also often liked by many female artists including Taeyeon. In particular, Taeyeon sent a food truck to support Heechul.

 4. EXO Sehun

D.O sent a churro truck to support Sehun for his big screen debut on “Catman”. He also wanted to show his support for the cast as well and included that in the truck’s banner which read, “‘Catman’ actors and crew, please have hot coffee and churros. EXO’s Do Kyung Soo supports you.

5. SNSD Sooyoung

One of the best couple of Korean showbiz Jung Kyung Ho - Soo Young don't hesitate to show sweet love in front of everyone. Especially Sooyoung sent a truck with lots of yummy food and drinks to support him and the rest of the cast of Prison Playbook.

Source: Haha/ Dispatch


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