List of Kpop male idols' favorite items, it turns out that EXO's Chen like an item for girls!

Thanhng, 17-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Here are some of favorite fashion items that are frequently used by Kpop male idols.

1. Glasses

With many kinds of glasses, this must be a must-have item for male idols.

These glasses can fit any faces or appearances well.

2. Chokers

Who says that male idols cannot wear this item

It can be used for performances on stages, or even for daily events. 

3. Bandana Turban

Male idols often mix colorful bandana turban with dark outfits. 

4. Flannel shirt

Flannel shirt is a favorite item among male idols because it looks very fashionable and is suitable for all ages and genders. 

Flannel shirts are the perfect solution to staying warm and stylish in the fall 

5. Cardigan

Cardigan is a perfect item for male idols to wear in cool days

Most of male idols choose neutral colored cardigans

6. Long coat

Long coats help male idols look more mature

Male idols often wear long coats for the airport fashion 

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