Let's take a look at Lee Jong Suk's wardrobe

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 08-04-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Let’s explore Lee Jong Suk's fashion that creates his own style!

Lee Jong Suk has become one of the most famous actors in Korean entertainment industry. He is known for his acting ability with his co-stars in "W Two Worlds," "I Can Hear Your Voice," and "Pinochio," and especially the new film, "While you were sleeping". He is very popular because of his acting talent and fashion style that make fans fascinated.

Let's look into Lee Jong Suk's wardrobe to see how he creates his own fashion.

1. Denim

Denim with jeans and jacket always gives the wearer a youthful and fresh look. With the impressive height of a model, Lee Jong Suk often wears jeans with a shirt or T-shirt showing a simple but attractive style.

2. Hoodie, sweatshirts:

A hoodie will bring a lovely and dynamic image. In spite of his earnestness, at events or shooting magazines, Lee Jong Suk still dons hoodie. And the actor did not forget to take a selfie lovely styles to share with fans.

3. Sweaters and jackets

When it is cold, Lee Jong Suk's favorite clothes are sweaters.

Lee Jong Suk combines sweater with a shirt.

Or be young with a patterned shirt thanks to his white skin.

The long jacket is also one of Lee Jong Suk's favorite clothes in winter.

4. All black:

All black - This style makes the wearer look chic and fashionable. It is also a safe choice for everyone when they feel "nothing to wear". And Lee Jong Suk also seems to prefer black costumes.

From jacket to black shirt, all of these are so elegant.

He is extremely masculine with black T-shirt.

5. Cap

Cap is always an indispensable item, especially for famous idols. Few idols go out without their cap. When wearing a cap, it is easy for you not to attract attention, therefore, no one can identify you or on lazy days, a cap will always save your image.

Most of Lee Jong Suk's caps are black.

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