Let's see how your idols enjoy their summer in the swimming pool!

The Hien Luong, 17-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - These idols are even 'crazier' when playing in the swimming pool!

The summer is coming, and to dispel the heat, swimming pool is totally a good option, right? If you're going to go out with friends and to avoid the hot weather, learn these idols to know how to enjoy crazily your holidays!


Fans must be familiar with the boisterous boys of Seventeen and will know how energetic and enthusiastic they are when they play in swimming pool. Indeed, just watch the following video, you'll see these boys mischievously and hilariously playing togerther in the swimming pool.

Seventeen's members enjoy the summer in the swimming pool


Talking about the new generation of girls who are very boisterous and often make fans 'embarrassed', we can't ignore the girls of G-Friend. The group is persuing feminine, innocent and gentle concept. But only fans of them  know how mischievous they are. When these girls are in a swimming pool, you'll be probably surprised because of their games.

Perhaps these girls are one of the most boisterous female idols in K-pop world


If you and your close brothers have lived together for nearly 10 years then these teases like this are nothing strange. Highlight has proved to the fans that if a group wants to unite and to have good teamwork, then the first factor is to be boisterous! Although they're almost 30 years old, they can't help playing funny games like this!

The members have to trick their leader first

And they play with the leader then


The "Nation's Girl Group" SNSD is always willing to throw their image like this! At a swimming pool, the girls had a dance battle to pick the dancing queen who had to be the most confident person and was as playful as possible. Regardless of the terrain or time, if there is music playing, these girls will definitely show how funny and boisterous they are!

The hilarious dance battle of SNSD


Despite the stylists and the staff screaming, once Jimin had jumped into the water, the rest of the members also followed him! In the end, no one was able to be angry when they saw these boys performing their sexy choreography in the hilarious and wet look like this.

Mischievous boys playing in the swimming pool

Source: Feng Feng/ Compilation


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