Let your teammate hold the camera for a selfie, then you will know you hava a good friend or not!

Nhi Bui, 05-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Sometimes idols are the 'victims' in the photos of their own bandmates!

Finding idols posting selfies on social networks is enough to make fans' hearts flutter. But it would be even more fun if it's a photo of the whole group taking together because fans always look forward to seeing the intimate relationship of their idols. Fans like to save idols' photos to watch every day, but sometimes idols only want to 'bury' them as fast as possible if they accidentally become 'victims' in kind of these photos.

The whole photo is harmonious, Cha Eunwoo looks so handsome with a blink. But if you look at the top of the photo, you'll see the hilarious face of the maknae - San Ha with his aegyo

Showing off the phoenix eyes, Chanyeol looks so handsome and a little cute but the expression and face of Chen are quite weird

Carats can't blame The8 for this photo in which he looks more outstanding than Wonwoo

Poor Hyoyeon! Donghae held the neck like two men and Yesung held the camera too high for her.

Even though it's difficult to take a selfie of the whole group, Jihoon just needed to wait one more second for Jaehwan to open his right eye. As a result, Jihoon was extremely handsome but Jaehwan looked like this!

Taking photo with J-Hope under the blazing sunshine, and with RM, Jimin asked the leader to pose like him. Whoever takes a selfie with Jimin should know that only Jimin can be handsome!

This angle just barely showed off Minhyuk's fair and Vline face, but it made Jooheon's head 'sharp' like a ruler! That isn't to mention the expression of Mingyu like he was unprepared to take a photo!

Why did Suho post a photo of himself showing his face with the golden ratio and his great angle while his brother Sehun was doing the 'crazy' thing ruining his noble image?

If Daehwi wants to get a good kissing selfie or Jaehwan wants to not be turned into a chubby face, remember to hold the camera like Jisung next time!

If you take a couple photo then there will be one is beautiful and another isn't, the person holding the camera is definitely the beautiful one! Does this look like the guy on the right is 'Mr. Worldwide Handsome' Jin?


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