Lee Hyori and her husband make a video of Yoona’s 1001 emotional expressions!

KawaiiB, 26-05-2018
This is a special farewell gift from Hyori and her husband to Yoona.

Special episode of "Hyori's Bed & Breakfast" season 2 brought unforgettable moments in the show. In this episode, the clip about Yoona that was made by Hyori’s family made viewers extremely excited.

Hyori and Lee Sang Soon carefully selected beautiful images and edited the video of moments from the early days when Yoona worked in Hyori’s house to when she ate, played badminton in the snow... Yoona was so moved and burst into tear as she watched the video before saying goodbye to Hyori’s family.

All of Yoona's emotions were captured

This is Hyori and Lee Sang Soon's (her husband) farewell gift for Yoona


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