Lee Dong Wook proved to be the most naturally beautiful male actor of K-biz

Mai Nhung, 12-03-2018
Many Korean male artists often wear bold makeup, but for a handsome male with a flawless face like Lee Dong Wook, he just needs to leave his natural beauty or wear simple makeup and fans still fall for him.


At present, Korea is famous for its entertainment industry where has raised many celebrities, but among new idols who has many potentials in the future, no one has ever passed the shadow of Lee Dong Wook. Deep eyes, red lips, high nose, or flawless skin, all those unique traits that everyone desires gather in the famous actor. Being nearly 40 years old but Lee Dong Wook is still very beautiful, his visual makes a thousand hearts of people want to jump off the chest.

Looking at this beauty, we call it's perfection.

Unlike many of the stars who always depend on thick layers of makeup, Lee Dong-wook rarely does too heavy makeup when appearing in front of public. This can be seen most clearly in the series of pictures at the airport or his daily life.

Despite having a busy schedule, Lee Dong Wook's skin is still healthy without defects and that's the reason why he likes appearing with his bare face when he isn't filming or attending events. 

When the flash is a big challenge with all idols, Lee Dong Wook is the exception

Not only havingthe fair skin, Lee Dong Wook also owns pink lips, which everyone is jealous. He once said he didn't use color lipstick because since he was born, his lips have already been pink and soft like this

Of course, when going to the event, Lee Dong Wook probably still has to do makeup to look more attractive but you can see, his face isn't different from any usual days.

No eyeliner, eyeshadow, blush, or all other types of cosmetics, Lee Dong Wook's flawless face is still enough for us to fall in love!

Just putting on lipstick lightly, Lee Dong Wook's beauty is still excellent


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