Laugh out loud with the hilarious BTS throughout the MMA 2017 ceremony

Hany , 05-12-2017
(KPOPLINE) - Bringing for fans lots of joyful in all situations through very simple gestures such as sitting, deep acting or even receiving awards...BTS really gave the audience the "salt smelting" extremely unforgettable!

It is sure that the A.R.M.Y absolutely had a memorable night after the MMA in December 2nd because BTS has won a lot of awards, especially the Fourth Daesang in their career. But, perhaps more noteworthy this is the perform for fans to "put pants on" during the awards ceremony because of their "saltiness".

1. "Spreading salt" while watching other stage performances

It have to say that BTS always has the most unfeigned reactions with the others stage. With the spirit “What is image? Can we eat?" BTS always ready to dance despite the music, "ignore" all the cameras are looking towards themselves. They act like in their own house but not a live ceremony.

(A short preview of masters definitely made fans have to "put pants on". Three Big Hit’s Kim brothers "shake a leg" despite circumstances.)

(The distant angle of rotation has recorded all reaction of Jin, V and RM. While the other artists was enjoyed performances, this was the three most "yolo" person and fans only known to laugh)

(Jungkook's deep scene was played on the big screen, which made Suga have to cover his mouth to laugh.)

(Continuing with the series "Three Kim brothers" was reveling in singing, bonus Jimin.)

2. Only sitting is also funny:

BTS is still an "superfluous salt" group insomuch even though they was listening to the award, they still made fans "speechless" because of their actions.

Guys were attracted to the camera naturally with very funny expressions. Whenever the camera flew round towards them, it would catch both memorable and ashamed moments.

(Are you sitting on the big screen? Must be styled, or deep, or cool, or so cute!)

(Jin's reaction to hearing his name is mentioned. With all the confidence of "worldwide handsome", he got up immediately and sent his fans a classic air kiss, and some of them just laughed at his actions.)

3. "Bringing salt" up and going to receive the awards

We thought that when they received the reward, BTS would completely turn back to be the prince charming, but it only comes back ... half. While fans was over the moon because of their idol reward, BTS also knew how to "join in the fun" with unexpected words and gestures. This has created the special style of receiving.

(BTS received the Bonsang Award and the speaker was Jin. Knowing BTS always call his name A.R.M.Y fandom first, but this way of creation is really very unique. Jin "ah ah ah" is like trying microphone and finally finish with the sentence "ah mi" makes the stadium raise wave up.)

(This is probably the most memorable award to fans because of the "muddy" of their idol. When Suga picked up the Hot Trend Award, the brothers were happy. The first is to embrace him, then see off him to the stage. Jungkook and Jimin quickly became the bodyguards to open the road, until Suga dispel them to return. It seems that BTS is funnier than Suga.)

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