Kpop male idols who still rock with this strange 'fluffy' hairstyle

Thanhng, 12-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Many idols don't want to have this "shaggy hair" because they might look "less attractive" with it.

Most of idols depend on their stylists to own a perfect image from outfits, accessories and even their hairstyles. Sometimes, the decision to use a unique hairstyle may cause the idol some of bad consequences. However, some male idols always feel confident with any "unique" hairstyles.

Some people said that "shaggy hair" or "curly hair" will make male idols look feminine. Oh no, just look at Chen and you will change your mind immediately. 

Timoteo (Hotshot) looks good with his "Shaggy yellow-silver hair" 

Sanha (ASTRO) looks like a cute boy with his curly hair

The8 from SEVENTEEN is already handsome so he still slays with this curly hair 

Beautiful Ren (NU'EST W) makes fans go crazy for his appearance and this "unique" hair

 Since Zelo (BAP) had a "weird" hairstyle, but thanks to this hairstyle, he got a lot of fans. 

Mark (NCT) once wowed fans with his pink curly hair during "Cherry Bomb" promotion with NCT 127

SM's idols always look gorgeous with any hairstyles

Though RM is not the most handsome member in BTS but he often tries many kinds of hairstyles. For example: this pink shaggy hair

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And of course, Universe star Kim Hee Chul is one of the idols that usually tries this "shaggy hair"


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