Kpop male idols and their weird makeup style, who can realize Super Junior's Leeteuk?

NA, 14-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Kpop male idols wear makeup on stage to enhance their appearance. However, when the makeup layer is not suitable, their look is so weird and funny.

Under any circumstances, Kpop idols won't show fans and people their ugly and unperfect image. However, because of some special events or projects, these Kpop male idols still wear kind of weird and odd makeup that makes fans laugh so hard.

 One scared fans with his sweet rosy cheeks. It's gonna a big problem if they see this picture at night!

Look at those eyebrows, look at those red lips, what do you see? Maybe Chen made his coordi noona angry and this is her retaliation

Blue is the warmest color, indeed! Leeteuk wore blue from head to toe (even blue lipstick)

If Leo's hands are mirrors, he's gonna be shocked: "Where am I? Why am I here? What are those black lips?"

Kai (EXO) and his 100% impressing makeup on MAMA MV. This kind of makeup was so hot that fans made many... funny memes about this

 How to be a cool guy with sense of humour? Look at Kang Seung Yoon (Winner) then you'll find the answer yourself

Your mother-in-law is not a hard woman. She just put too much makeup on her face, don't worry!

Bonus: Maruko-chan in your area!

 Winning Music Bank first place and this is the way GOT7 celebrate 

Are you starting to snigger behind my back about my fancy makeup? I know it all!

DBSk's Changmin is not here. I'm his cutie sister

Piccolo, is that you? Mino seems to be in love with this camouflage

 Red lips are always classic and awesome. However, firstly you should learn how to wear it in a wise way

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