Kpop idols who possess extremely beautiful faces, but don’t know how to "take advantage" of them

KawaiiB, 13-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) – These idols have incredible abilities to “defame” themselves with their weird 4D expressions

In the time that Kpop idols are “born” every day, beautiful appearance is one of the key factors to gain public attention, and become outstanding. Therefore, from pre-debut to when idols get to debut, they are always trying to keep their image, ensuring that they must appear perfectly in front of the audience, from the way they speak to the smallest facial expressions.

Yet everything has its exceptions, while many idols “obsess” with having the perfect image, many idols are not afraid to “defame” themselves with their weird 4D expressions.

Who is aristocratic Sehun of EXO? Who is the idol that makes fans “dried-blood” with his sexy dance in the rain? There is only “silly” Oh Sehun with these self-defame poses/live streams.

Not many fans have the chance to crack up at their idols’ selfie, however, AhGaSe has always been the lucky one when leader JB (GOT7) usually posts pictures like this.

Standing still, Lucas looks like a handsome "Half-blood prince" who drives many fangirls crazy, but behind the stage, he often shows off his true color.

Fans still unable to figure out what motivates Mark (GOT7) to “destroy” his perfect main visual image with this hilarious “derp” face.

From hairstyle, clothes, expressions to the pose, the great Eun Ji Won is able to wow everyone who is only familiar with his stunning images on stages! However, SechsKies fans are so familiar with this!

Aron (Nu'est) does not do anything wrong, right? He just simply expresses his emotions in his own way!

Being born with a perfect "Nation’s center" face does not mean that Kang Daniel knows how to "use" it properly! His “wide smile” has made fans don’t know whether to laugh or cry at so many times.

"I like to defame myself" is probably the live motto of Joon Young! Ramen hair is not important, "angry bird" expressions are not important, the only important thing is Joon Young’s style!

This photo would make the perfect meme for "Feeling angry and empty"! 

God not only gives Sungjae (BTOB) a beautiful face but also too much hilariousness! Therefore, even small facial expressions like this could be so funny.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho taehyung meme

Talking about 4D and the unique expressions, how can people forget about these photos of V (BTS) who has an extremely high nose, big eyes, and sharp jawbone?

This is the main visual of Monsta X, who looks like a character stepping out of a comic, Hyungwon! This guy must be so familiar to even non-fans because of having appeared countless times on 9Gag due to his jocular expressions.

Despite already trying really hard to “defame” himself, Jinwoo (Winner) still make others jealous because of being too perfect!

Other people might worry when their ugly moments are captured, but the opposite is true for Jungkook and Jimin (BTS), then deliberately style and post photos like this to defame themselves. 


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