Kpop idols eating spicy food: so spicy that BTS burst into tears, Jihoon has to scratch head like this!

Hoàng Thị Linh, 17-05-2018
(KPOPLINE)- Series of silly and odd expressions of Kpop idols in eating spicy challenge make fans laugh out loud.

Belly-laugh with funny expressions of idols daring to eat super spicy food

For Korean people, eating spicy food is a very normal thing, because the national cuisine is mostly from chili powder. However, there are still many idols that are not able to eat much spicy, or foreigners are not used to be familiar with spicy food. These non-spicy habits have contributed to the super cute expressions of idols when they were forced to do the extremely difficult challenge.

Let's eat together! 

...and Suga 


...even Jin and RM felt the heat burning inside their heads

Wanna One Jihoon How does he feel after tasting spicy food?

Scratched his head as a reaction 

Felt full of power.

... and the tears kept falling down 

...but this video was so hot on Korean channels

It seems that Wanna One guys will scratch their head when they feel hot and spicy 

Seongwu was the next illustration 

It was too spicy 

Jackson with super cute image 

...and super funny.

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