Kpop idols' classic "skinship" that make fans blushed embarrassingly

KawaiiB, 13-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Fans are not the only one who get excited about their idols, idols also have over “excited” interactions with each other that drive fans crazy

1. EXO

EXO members could not stop touching each other

Accidentally or intentionally, fans still go crazy when Xiumin’s arm touched Baekhyun’s body

’D.Os “bad” hands

Kai and Lay were the victims here

2. GOT7

It was not the first time that GOT7 openly express affection for each other. From staring, kissing on the cheek then lips,…

Look at my eyes

Ahgase, can you guess what these two are doing?

Hugging each other then touching his friend's butt

Jackson and JB’s sweet kiss

A romantic movie in real life

 If you love someone, you have to kiss this passionately

 When your crush kisses you

3. Infinite

Warning: Adult only (18+)

4. JYJ

As a gen2 generation, JYJ still able to shock fans with skinship. Even Xiah had to blush

JYJ’s steaming hot kiss on stage

It turns out that all 3 members of JYJ often hug each other like this

Do you think they are a couple in a romantic drama?


Even fans felt confused with the action of these two.

6. Super Junior

Whenever there is a chance, Siwon would take advantage to have intimate actions with his group members. And Eunhyuk and Donghae are the two main victims of Siwon.

 Eunhyuk got striped 

Siwon expressed his love to Eunhyuk

Then Donghae was hugged

7. BTS

From stage to daily life, these guys always have the ability to make any fans blushes

Jin “molest” maknae Jungkook 

 Jungkook later got his revenge 

V and Jin’s sexy moment in 2016 MAMA.

8. Monsta X

They “felt” each other's bodies

Then cuddled 

Give kisses

 Or …

9. Big Bang

The time that Big Bang showed affection on TV


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