Kpop idols’ 101 expressions when receiving alcohol gifts from fans, V and Jungkook’s opposite reaction are so hilarious!

KawaiiB, 10-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Idols often have "extreme" expression when fans give them alcohol drink.

Kpop idols usually receive many gifts from fans during fan-meeting. However, many of them are really special, some of them are alcoholic beverages. Let’s see idols’ reactions when they receive this special gift.

1. Mino (WINNER)

Thank you for the fan who brought this bottle of wine to Mino, we have able to capture this “over the top” expression of him (◯Δ◯∥)

2. Hani (EXID)

This small bottle of wine seemed to “satisfied” Hani really well. You know what to bring to the next meeting (・ω<)

3. Joshua (Seventeen)


4. Ha Young (A Pink)

Ha Young had to hide this “precious” gift immediately, or else it would be taken away.

5. Jinwoo (WINNER)

WINNER’s oldest member seemed to be very excited when receiving alcohol from fans during a meeting.

6. Chorong (A Pink)

Chorong cheerfully took a closer look at the bottle of wine that fans just gave her. Is she one of the "connoisseurs" of things like this?

7. Jungkook (BTS)

Image result for jungkook bts fan alcohol

He was definitely “over the moon” when he got this.

8. Woozi (Seventeen)

So cuteeeeeeee~

9. Yuju (G-Friend)

Yuju must be trying to find out whether she can drink this.

10. Jeonghan (Seventeen)

Wine companies should invite Jeonghan to endorse their products. 

11. Chaeyeon (DIA / IOI)

This gift brought a lot of fun for her, that must be why she smiled like this. She also posed with this drink so that fans can take pictures of her.

12. Chang Seob (BTOB)

"God of expressions" Changseob was extremely surprised by this gift from fans during a fan sign. 

13. V (BTS)


4D V’s speechless reaction, when received a bottle of wine, would definitely crack many people up. He even faked a glass of water as wine to cheer with fans.


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