Kpop and 8 famous homosexual MVs that you definitely have to watch

Mai Nhung, 03-03-2018
Perhaps, Korean still exist the conservative prejudice for homosexuals, but Korean music doesn’t lack of MVs with this sensitive content

Mardi Gras- one of the largest celebrations in the world  for lesbian, gay, bisexual, will take place this weekend. Therefore, it is a good time to look at this topic through the rare occasions that it is appeared in Kpop MVs.

Although modern society is much more open than before, but homosexuality is still a very sensitive topic in Korea. Therefore, not many artists is brave enough to put this theme into their music products, or choose to express it in a discreet, metaphorical way.

Among the period of heavy prejudice, there are many MVs talk frankly about  homosexual content came out. Let's take a look at 8 popular MVs in Kpop with this topic below!

8. Mad Clown - "Love is a Dog From Hell"

The content of song "Love is a Dog From Hell" is also mention straightforward and doesn't avoid from the same sensitive issue as its MV, delves into the feelings of transgender people and all the struggles that come with it.

7. Anda - "Touch"

Although MV doesn't explicitly describe a romantic relationship, it is filled with important images of the lesbian theme, making the content of this story strong growth

6. Heechul (Super Junior) & Min Kyung Hoon (BUZZ) - "Sweet Dream"

In contrast to an emotional and painful song as "Sweet Dream," its MV is made in a very funny way. It describe
 the love triangle between Heechul, TWICE 's Momo and Min Kyung Hoon, MV poses many challenges and difficulties that this trio have to face, even becoming more honest with their acting scenes with the appearance of "Knowing Bros" members

If you have seen the half of MV and still don't see the homosexual theme appear in "Sweet Dream", please calm down and look patient until the end, because the surprise factor is always in the end!

5. SISTAR - "One More Day"

This song is probably less popular than other SISTAR productions, but its music video will definitely make you regret as not knowing it sooner. Describing the great relationship between two girls, MV "One More Day" delves into the troubles, the dramatic and even violent stories that the couple faces.

4. Nell - "The Day Before"

This is probably one of the most sad MV of Korean music ever. "The Day Before" talk about a man suffering from depression as unrequited love for another man. Preparing the spirit before watching this MV, because you probably willn't be able to control your tears !

3. Baby Soul & Yoo Jia - "She's A Flirt"

 "She's A Flirt" is a simple and beautiful depiction in order to talk about the relationship between two girls, accompanied by intense struggles in extremely difficult times.

2. K. Will - "Please Don't"

When it comes to homosexual themes in Kpop MVs, we definitely can't ignore "Please Don't". Even though it's been released for many years, "Please Don't" is still considered the best and most popular Kpop MV of homosexuality, not only because of its compelling and dramatic content in every second but also because the impressive result  for first time watch it. So far, "Please Don't" is even listed on the list of the most unexpected and difficult MVs in Kpop history!

1. Holland - "Neverland"

The appearance of Holland- first male idol in Kpop published his real gender as a homosexual person and it become a subject is interested and gossiped in recent times. Of course, Holland also didn't hesitate to put homosexual themes in his debut MV with a series of super cute and sweet scenes between Holland and his boyfriend.

Which is Kpop MV with homosexual theme you like most?


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