Korean YouTuber loses fans after they saw these photos of him

Hoang Anh Phuong, 15-06-2018
Fans no longer consider him “good-looking” after seeing these photos.

Korean YouTuber Botnojaem, who recently appeared on national TV and received hate from angry feminists, started losing some subscribers after he uploaded a video of himself spending time with his friends.

During the video, Botnojaem is shown standing among his group of friends. Some viewers captured this into screenshots and shared online, commenting he must be short. As word spread that Botnojaem is 168cm (or 5’5″) tall, his “fans” who liked him for his good looks became disappointed and unsubscribed, claiming they no longer like him.

Botnojaem is in all black, standing in the very back.

According to unwritten Korean standards, 168cm for male height is considered short and unattractive. So for Botnojaem, whose popularity initially came from his attractiveness, the pictures revealing his height were critical.

Throughout the video, it is clear that of his group of friends he is the shortest. When a viewer asked him to confirm his height on his YouTube channel, Botnojaem replied that he is 174cm (5’7″) tall.

The remaining fans encourage Botnojaem to pay no attention to the “haters” and focus on studying.

“So you’re a fairy like Im Si Wan.”

“With a face like yours, your height doesn’t even matter.”

“Around your tall friends, you’re like a fairy.”

“You could trip in front of SM Entertainment and they’ll cast you to be a part of NCT.”

“I’m still your fan. Don’t mind the rumors and the haters. Keep studying like you do. You’re going to make a great police officer.”

Source: Koreaboo

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