Korean stars appear with dry and damaged hair due to frequent hair coloring

Mai Nhung, 09-02-2018
Their hair may look stunning in fans' photos but actually, Irene has dry hair and Se Hun worries about baldness due to frequent hair coloring.

Irene's hair without the care of hair salons will make many people surprised. The singer owns dry and damaged hair. This is the result of her constantly changing hair color in a short time.

When debuted with Red Velvet, Irene dyed the ombre style by many colors. After the promotion, she turned to her old hair color. At the time of releasing the new song, the singer again dyed the whole gold, a month later, Irene  bleached hair for a darker color. This process caused the female singer's hair to be damaged much.

Seo Hyun's hair is also not smooth because she can't go to the hair salons too often

Changing constantly for color and style causing Se Hun's hair suffer from the serious consequences. He is worried that he would get bald early because his hair was exrtremely damaged. The EXO member's hair was so weak that even he feel pain when touch it

 Hyun Ah also get many troubles because she regularly dyes blond hair. 

IU's dry hair root is the result of dying yellowed hair color for a long time. She revealed she had to cut her hair shorter to remove damaged hair.

Suzy laments that she has to go to the salon in order to take care of her hair after she found out that her hair gradually became dry.

 G-Dragon has signs of baldness because of the habit of constantly changing hair color.

Despite having tied her hair, Sunny can't hide the damaged curly hair, especially at her hair roots.


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