Korean male stars make high-end outfits look so much cooler than professional models?

Thanhng, 03-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) - High-end fashion brands should think of inviting these male stars to be their brand ambassadors.

Korean idols always make fans admire for their impressive fashion styles. Looking at the photos between idols and professional models, fans will be amazed that their idols made those outfits look better. 


Some people don't know that EXO members and the model on the right are wearing the same shirt. It seems that EXO boys has made it completely different.

Compared with the model on the right, Xiumin is capable of showing the beauty of the jacket. He layered it perfectly with fancy items to have a sophisticated outfit.

Although the floral pants have made Sehun's outfit look a bit prolix compared to the original, but his handsome face and sexy eyes helped this look better. 

Sehun's suit is more sophisticated 


Looking at this photo, we all know the importance of a broad shoulder. He brought a new look for this shirt

Fans have to admit that his good-looking face save this denim look

Kang Daniel's perfect body made this long cardigan look more fashionable 

Striped long coat still looks nice on him because of his broad shoulder

Lee Jong Suk

If this fashion label invite him to be a model for this look, the sales of this jacket will increase many times quickly

Who wear it better?


V's playful pose and facial expression make this shirt look lively

V still looks chic and style with this "feminine" jacket

Our "Golden maknae" can make every outfit look so good on him

This elegant butterfly suit looks more graceful on Jungkook. 



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