Korean magazine is on fire after cutting out Jin (BTS)'s image out from their articles

Nhi Bui, 10-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - No one can deny the fact that BTS is only perfect with their full set of 7 members!

Korea Magazine - the magazine published by Korean Information and Culture Service, a part of Korean Tourism, Sports and Culture Department has just released their March Issue with the main focus on K-pop. Fans haven't been proud of BTS being the representative of K-pop mentioned on the magazine but found this huge mistake.

As a strong force to suggest about Korean culture and tourisms to international visitors, Korean Magazine made a mistake when using an image without Jin of BTS performing on stage. This made fans really angry because they didn't check carefully that they missed out on a member in the group.

Korea Magazine's March Issue, with the cover image including only 6 members of BTS

It is said that this photo was cut to fit the magazine's frame but obviously they totally cut out one member. The media in general should carefully reconsider the way they operate when they are about to introduce Korean culture to foreigners but giving such wrong information.

The photo was taken when BTS performed on the American Music Awards 2017 but 'accidentally' edited in such a careless way for the big words on the paper.

At present, BTS' fans are really upset and want to receive a clear explanation from Korea Magazine. Earlier this morning, hashtag #WeloveyouSeokjin has appeared on Twitter and climed on the #4 on the Worldwide trend.

Both International and Korean fans are shouting out to other fans to send emails to Korea Magazine's mailbox so that they would give a good excuse for their mistake.

Cre: BTS's Jin Vietnam fanpage

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