Korean celebrities who frankly admitted to plastic surgery

The Hien Luong, 03-04-2018
(KPOPLINE) - There are many different reasons that K-pop celebrities decided to have plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery is so common in Korea that people don't feel socially ashamed to admit to it anymore. Even celebrities, whose beautiful looks are adored, aren't afraid to say in public that their looks have been enhanced through plastic surgery. But not all of them bravely admit that they have plastic surgery, except the following celebrities.

Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Kyuhyun's reason is extremely simple. This idol once shared on "Radio Star" that he had double eyelid surgery because he was the only one in his family with a single eyelid, unlike his parents.


The beautiful idol revealed that, during her time in YG, her nose was enhanced during an operation to treat persistent rhinitis that she herself had suffered in a long time.


Kwanghee is one of the most honest male idols in K-pop industry when he comfortably talked about his plastic surgery of many facial features such as forehead, eyes and chin.

Goo Ara

Although she has had a good-looking appearance since she was young, Goo-Ara admitted on a television show that she had an eyelid surgery, a silicone or cartilage implant sitting in her nose and orthodontic measures.


Jessi once said frankly on "Happy Together 3" that: "I had nose and eyes plastic surgery three years ago but in fact, I didn't want to have plastic surgery, it was because of the advice of my management company". In addition, she shared that she felt much more confident after breast augmentation surgery.

Heechul (Super Junior)

On "Radio Star", Heechul admitted that he had eyelids surgery. Later, on another show, he added that he also had nose plastic surgery due to his nose was broken after an accident.

Chaeyeon (DIA)

When she was asked about the double eyelid surgery on a television talk show, Chaeyeon explained: "I had only nose plastic surgery. My double eyelid suddenly showed up when I was studying in secondary school". However, people are suspicious about her current beauty.


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