Korea Times announce top 10 the most famous idols in China voted by fans

Hoàng Thị Linh, 17-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - These are the most famous Kpop idols that have conquered Chinese fans' heart!

Hallyu wave is not only hot in Korea, but it also soon spreaded out to the world. By their talents and beautiful look, they are attracting more and more fans from other countries especially China which is a promising market and Chinese fans also contribute a lot to strenghen Kpop idols' fandom. So, are you curious about their popularity in China?

This morning, the chart of "Hi ★ China" announced the influential idols who received much love from fans in the last week. This is the result of the largest social networking poll in the country - Weibo ,Baidu's website and  "123 Fans" vote . 

Taking the first place is maknae of BTS - Jungkook. Since debut, he has always been outstanding and got a large numer of fans in China. 

The second place was taken by V - "the most handsome guy in the world". Possessing a fantastic look like a character in Manga, V easily captures many fans' heart.

BTS took the top 3 when Jimin is the next one after V. Jimin is becoming more famous and has a huge number of Chinese fans .

Acquiring the fourth position is EXO's maknae Sehun. He is inherently well-known for having a strong and generous fandom in China.

The final of the list is Chanyeol EXO. This week, BTS and EXO take the most places. Needless to say,with sweet and handsome appearance, how can fans resist this temptation?

The rest 5 places belongs to Kim Soo Hyun (actor), Park Yoochun (JYJ), Hwang Chiyeol (singer), Park Shihoo (actor) and Lee Min Ho (actor).

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