Kid female stars acted in 'hot' scenes even when they are not old enough, they couldn't even see their own dramas

SGshinbu, 10-06-2018
What follows are shocking examples of actors who were too young — physically, and probably emotionally — to perform the scenes they were in.


At the age of 17, Kim Yoo Jung had a big achievement in acting as the female lead in the romantic drama Love in the Moonlight. Just after 2 episodes, the drama was criticized by the audience for the hot scenes of actress Kim Yoo Jung.

The drama features Kim Yoo Jung wrapping the fabric around her chest to pretend to be a boy, revealing bare shoulders and part of her breast. The viewers said that the scene was not appropriate for Kim Yoo Jung's age as well as the drama.

Before this drama, Kim Yoo Jung was criticized for kissing scenes in Road No.1 and Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho in 2010.

When filming these two, she was just 11 years old.

At the age of 13, Oh Jae Moo had a screen kiss with his co-star Chae Bin in the drama Bachelor's Vegetable Store.

Park Ji Bin had to act a kiss scene when he was 9 years old. That was his scene and Sulli in the drama Banjun Drama. That year, Sulli was only 10 years old.

Ma Boy is a tv-series for teenagers. When filming this drama, Kim So Hyun was only 13 years old. She was harshly criticized for her sexual dance scene by many viewers.

In the same year, Kim So Hyun continued to cause controversy over her rape scene in the drama Missing You.

The tv-series Six Flying Dragons was fiercely criticized by the audience for rape scene. Viewers claimed that the scene was too sensitive, obsessive, and unnecessary.

Child actress Jin Ji Hee made fans shocked when took off her clothes in a drama.

Two child actors Kim Hyang Ki and Kang Chan Hee had a passionate kiss scene in school drama The Queen's Classroom.

Source: 2sao


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