K-pop fans prove that they're one of the most talented photographers by capturing these amazing moments of idols

The Hien Luong, 07-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Many of these moments only happen once were luckily captured by fans.

Kpop idols certainly can't remember how many shots they had taken during their career. Not only taken by the professional press, many beautiful pictures of idols have also taken by fans. And there are many funny moments captured at the right time by fans as well.

Although we don't know the exact circumstances of this photo, we still have to thank the fan who captured this such cute image of SHINee Minho.

Despite her weird expressions, Black Pink Jisoo is still cute as usual. The other photos with this car door of her are also extremely adorable.

The signature meme of SEVENTEEN Jun. Especially during the different times, fans can still capture this exact posture.

The shocking face of BTOB Changsub when his fan ignored his handshake becoming a favorite photo of many people, including non-fans.

SEVENTEEN DK looked so confused and nervous when standing next to the pretty members of G-Friend.

If looking at this picture, surely everyone will have to wonder whether Mark (NCT) and Harry Potter are related to each other or not.

NCT Taeyong seems to have the power to generate fire. This photo is like a cut scene from a Hollywood movie.

It seemed the 'parents' Wendy and Seulgi were scolding the 'baby' Irene for making a mistake

One of the photos is considered the 'legend' of EXO Chanyeol. Can't believe that this is just a photo taken by a fan

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