Japanese 'Produce 48' contestants tear up at the sharp criticism on their poor performance

Hoang Anh Phuong, 16-06-2018
Choreographer Bae Yoon Jung made the Japanese contestants tear up.

The first episode of 'Produce 48' aired on June 15. The 96 contestants from Korea and Japan had their first evaluation stage. 

AKB48 members, who're auditioning on the show as Japanese trainees, were judged by the Korean trainers. The best dancer and best singer of the group performed first. Unfortunately, they failed to live up to the trainers' expectations and received criticism.

Bae Yoon Jung commented, "You guys can't go on stage like this", and said, "You don't seem like the #1 dancer."

She continued firing criticism on the Japanese trainees, saying, "Didn't you guys promote in Japan? Why were you selected? Didn't you guys have auditions in Japan?"

Bae Yoon Jung added, "K-Pop singers are known for their synchronized choreography. Is synchronization not important in Japan?"

The trainers and contestants then realized the cultural difference in entertainment between Korea and Japan. 

Bae Yoon Jung showed understanding and the trainers promised to help them improve. However, the Japanese contestants teared up at the harsh remarks. 

Source: All Kpop 

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