j-hope's 1st Mixtape has "conquerred" so many records after merely 12 hours, including BTS' old records!

LinhLuong, 02-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - We've just welcomed the masterpiece for almost half a day and now j-hope proved his great power!

With the first mixtape and also the music video of tittle track: "Daydream" released last night, j-hope has brought the perfect product that all fans have been waiting for, claiming his top rapping skills and full of energy in the songs. And till now, fans are "shocked" with all those achievements that "HOPE WORLD" has gained during the last 10 hours!

The fastest MV to hit 1 million likes

After only almost 2 hours, MV "Daydream" has reached 1 million likes on Youtube, which broke the record of the same amount of "likes" by BTS' "DNA" (8 hours) and "Mic Drop" (10 hours)...

Currently the number of like is about 1.785. 023 likes

Reached over 7 million views after 10 hours

This MV also hit a record of just over 10 hours of release and has reached over 7 million views until now. This number is expected to rise in the coming hours!

j-hope's Vlive hit a new record of views and hearts

After releasing the mixtape, j-hope went live on Vlive and witnessed the great support of his fans with the new record of over 1 million viewers in real time and over 261 million hits.

j-hope's mixtape now ranks no.1 on iTunes UK

iTunes UK digital music is also one of the UK's most popular music charts, and j-hope's new album "Hope World" has swept the top spot. US A.R.M.Ys are now waiting till the right time to get the mixtape on US iTunes also, so that the sales can be counted on the Hot 100 of Billboard for next week. They are doing a really good job, aren't they?

Reached no.1 in over 70 countries 

j-hope's new song also attracts a lot of supporters through the top search community sites with bunch of articles about him and his mixtape, most of who are girls and teenagers between the ages of 10 and 20. Congratulations on your whole new adventure, Hoseok ah~ 


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