It seems that Suzy has a predestined affinity with famous actors with the surname as "Lee"

Thanhng, 10-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - After Suzy and Lee Dong Wook confirmed their dating report, many fans recognized this interesting fact.

As the Korean beautiful goddess, Suzy always captures fans' attention for her career and personal life. Recently, after her dating news with actor Lee Dong Wook, fans found out that she has fate with actors with the Korean family name "Lee". 

1. Lee Jae Hoon

Actor Lee Jae Hoon had the opportunity to work with Suzy in the movie Architecture 101, the movie has helped them develop their acting career afterwards. Lee Jae Hoon also expressed his desire to coorperate with her one more time after Architecture 101. Although he is 10 years older than Suzy, but they worked very well together.

Their chemistry in the movie made the audiences believe that they were a real couple

2. Lee Seung Gi

After Lee Jae Hoon, Suzy continued to work with Lee Seung Gi in the drama "Gu family book". The combination of the main stars also made the audience fall in love with them.

They are good colleagues in real life

3. Lee Min Ho

After Dispatch revealed a series of photos from the couple's dates, Suzy and Lee Min Ho didn't hesitate to confirm their relationship in March 2015. Their love story received supports from fans. However, this relationship only lasted more than 2 years, making many fans shock and feel sad for the couple.

Lee Min Ho and Suzy's relationship was published by Dispatch

The couple also held a small party with the participation of their families and close friend to celebrate their 2 years anniversary

Tight schedules was the main reason for their break up. They couldn't spend much time for each other, Suzy was busy for her shooting scheldules while Lee Min Ho is enlisted in the military. However, they still remain good friends. 

4. Lee Jong Suk

When Suzy and Lee Min Ho confirmed their breakup news, Lee Jong Suk was considered as the reason for it because Suzy and Lee Jong Suk was coorperating in "While you were sleeping". Many fans said that there was a possibility that Lee Jong Suk and Suzy had feeling for each other while shooting the drama, but it was only a rumor. 


5. Lee Dong Wook

And the last "Lee" actor appeared on the list of Suzy is Lee Dong Wook. Previously, Suzy chose Lee Dong Wook as her ideal boyfriend on a reality show. 


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