It may be just a small change but Suho's part in this version of 'The Eve' gave the song a new life

Hoàng Anh Phương, 01-06-2018
If you loved 'The Eve,' you will kill for a studio version of this to be out. 

EXO did a little rearrangement to their song 'The Eve' that was included in their 'Kokokop' album that was released last year in summer at 'The Elyxion.' 

'The Eve' was used as one of the opening song for their concert and the song was rearranged to fir the flow of the grand vibe for the start. Instead of the usual melody at his part, Suho twisted the melody a little and you didn't know that such small detail would send chills down your spine. 

Not to mention the simple yet perfectly reached high note by the leader, perfect is the fitting word here. 

Watch the performance and the modified part at 0:51 mark in the video !

Source: KStarLive

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