It is rare for Jimin (BTS) to scowl Jungkook like this, but the reason behind this would crack you up

KawaiiB, 30-05-2018
The guy who's famous for his gentleness frowned at his little maknae!

Recently, the A.R.M.Y community is stirring and passing over a gif, in which Jimin winces his face and tells Jungkook to be quiet. Many fans are surprised and curious about what happens in this image. Because inherently, Jimin is always famous as the most gentle member of the group. In particular, he often cares for Jungkook. So, Jimin's scowl at Jungkook surprises the fans.

Jimin frowns and gives Jungkook a sign to simmer down....

... Jungkook instantly "turns off" like this

It turns out that Jimin is not uncomfortable with Jungkook. This is a scene in the video that BTS members hid and spook their fans at the Ellen Show. 

All these “devils” are so eager to scare their fans 

Even hyung Jin is told to be quiet

Jimin is always a good member and always a spiritual support for the group. A.R.M.Y called him "angel" because of his kindness and warm heart. This is a rare occasion that fans would see Jimin frowning, in a very lovely situation.


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